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Text Box: Weekly Worship Services  

Pastor: Leah Howe   

Lay Leader: Charles Allen

Text Box: Puryear United Methodist Church
114 Chestnut Street
Puryear  TN  38251

Phone:  731-247-5455

Website:  www.puryearumc.org                                                 Email:    Info@puryearumc.org

Our Weekly Prayer Concern List

Emery Brockman

Gail Crouch

B.J. Smith

Gary Murfin

Kenny Summers

Melvin Duke

Larry & Ann Ray

Hal & Kay Underwood

Larry Boyles

Ron & Sandra Myers

Glenn Exum

The Cobb Family

Renee Arrington

Joe Hill

Rev. Thomas Taylor

Richard Thompson

Tony Sykes

Ricky Hood

Edwin Wilson

Jimmy Valentine

































Our Military those in Nursing Homes and our members who are unable to be with us.


Special Blessings for all our Police Officers.